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Do I Need Identity Theft Protection With iPage?

title-decoHow Secure Are You?

computer-iconAlmost everyone is online nowadays. We get to interact with other people from the net, whether it’s from social networking sites, or forums. Just like the real world, the cyberspace has bad guys lurking in its corner.

cc-iconThere are some websites that would charge your account but will not send you their products or will not give you the service that you had paid for. There are also hackers that can get their way inside your email, blogs or personal sites to get information.

thumbMalware and viruses are also rampant online, and phishing sites can be a threat as well.

A lot of internet crimes happen every day, and one of the most common of them all is identity theft.

title-decoWhat is Identity Theft?

identity-iconIdentity theft is defined as illegally using another person’s identifying information, such as credit card, name, social security number, or driver’s license, in order to deceive others or to use for financial gains.

thumbThey can use the information they got to purchase things online, to do business illegally or take out loan under your name.

Over the internet, there are several ways to be able to access and gain your information illegally such as:

envelopeReceiving bogus emails asking for your information such as password, credit card number or back account number. These emails may look as if it came from trusted institution, such as banks. Activities like this, which tricks you to sending your information to hackers, are known as phishing attacks.

bugLinks or websites that contains harmful malwares that gathers information from your computer. These malware, such as spyware, may be downloaded and installed from your computer without you knowing it, and would track your activities and data to be used illegally by scammers.

windowChat rooms, instant messaging, dating websites or forums can also be used as tools by criminals to solicit personal information by earning your trust.

title-decoiPage and Your Protection

shield-iconIn creating your own website, it is important to consider not only your protection, but also the protection of those that visit your site. What you need is a hosting plan that also has protection. It’s a good thing that iPage, a leading web hosting service company, has ways in order to protect you, your site and your data from being stolen, and secures your site from hackers.

shieldSecure Socket Layers or SSL is a protocol that is used to ensure safe data transmission over the net, making it more secure. iPage offers SSL certificate support for those who got it from GeoTrust.

eyeiPage Domain Privacy ensures the privacy of your personal details and sensitive data. It helps to mask personal or information, such as name, address and phone number. It’s a good way to keep away unwanted third parties away from your important information.

magnifying-glassFor an additional fee, you can take advantage of iPage’s extra add on, Prevent Identity Theft and Secure Your Data, which helps to identify vulnerabilities in your website.

title-decoA Special Add On Service For Your Protection

addon-iconPrevent Identity Theft And Secure Your Data is a special service add-on that you can take advantage, if you want more security. This is needed, especially if your website contains sensitive information that could be either be yours or from your guests.

For an additional low price, it gives additional protection and security on top of the security feature that you get. This add-on does not help to protect your identity online; however this special add-on will help you with the following:

thumbIdentify security vulnerabilities that could cause identity theft.

thumbProtects sensitive data that your site may be collecting.

It is important to steer clear hackers away from your site to prevent them from using your information for illegal ways. You and your important need to be protected, so as you won’t be one of the victims of this vicious internet crime.