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Common iPage Complaints

title-decoProblems Are Inevitable

In the service industry, there will always be problem that will arise. There would come a time when something would go wrong and may impact the customer.

thumbIt’s not all the time that your customers will be 100% satisfied with your services.

rating-iconSome people who are considering a certain service would rely on the reviews or experience of other users to see if it would cater to their need. If they see a bad review about a service provider, it’s either they would have second thoughts getting the service from that provider or they will not consider getting it at all.

title-decoCustomer Experience With iPage

cs-iconiPage have been around decades, and one of the reason that they remain strong is because of the trust that their customers give them. Problems will always arise for their users, whether it’s a billing or technical issue, and because they have anticipated this, they made sure to have a 24×7 customer support that will answer all their customer’s questions.

thumbA good customer support is important, because it will make the customer feel that they really matter.

This is the reason that iPage remains in the industry, and why more and more people choose iPage as a webhosting service provider.

title-decoComplaints, Experiences And Problems

comment-iconAs a service provider, iPage receives complains from their customers from time to time. Negative feedback or reviews also states what iPage may be lacking, weaknesses. These are some of the common complains and problems that iPage customers may encounter during their subscription.

credit-cardBilling Issues – customers may complain about ballooning monthly fee, or issues with the iPage coupons not being updated.

cartFreebies being billed the following year – you may get some freebies during for the first year, but take note that on the next year, they will be charged to your account.

magnifying-glassMissing Features – iPage have designed its tools for web programming beginners, but for some advance users, they will find some missing features such as SSH access and lack of ASP.net support.

thunderDowntime and speed issues – From time to time, users will experience downtime and slow speed. This may be due to outage or server maintenance. iPage immediately address this issue as quickly as possible.

icon_commentCustomer Support – there are some complaints about not being able to get hold of a customer support on the phone right away.

walletMoney-back guarantee – customers who cancel their services complain about not getting their refund right away.

title-decoResolved Before You Knew It

flag-iconEven if faced with such complaints and problems, iPage gives its customers the resolution right away. However, some of the solutions to these problems can be seen right in your fingertips. For the common complaints, here are some of the solutions and answers to it.

icon_search_altIt is important to read the terms and agreements and the fine print. These documents states how you will be billed and what will be charged to your account.

tagiPage coupons sometimes have delays in being updating in the system. Keep the copy of your coupon as reference. There is a dedicated team that works on this, and you can be sure that the discount coupon will be reflected on your monthly bill.

serveriPage is constantly updating its servers and adding more to give you a service that is more efficient and effective. This helps to lessen downtime and makes sure that your speed will always be at the speed that you want.

envelopeOther than phone support, iPage also offers email and chat support. Their customer support will always be happy to help you out with any issues that you encounter. They are available 24×7.

thumbiPage also have Online Help Center that offers tutorial, knowledge base and some documentations.

You can check this help page first if you encountered any problems while setting up or maintaining your site.