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Can I Use iPage With Windows?

os-iconLast decade, there is only one type of operating system used by the majority of us, Windows. Apple’s Mac is just a minority and the shift to this operating system was just too difficult for most people. Developers, especially those working on web projects, are using Linux, a free operating system but then again, this just accounts for far less than 5% of the population.

android-iconAfter a few years, Apple gains a steady following and then Google launches Android. It was unthinkable at that time that people will switch to Android via mobile devices but look at us now. This variety in operating systems has given us a world of choices but at the same time, it fragments the market in terms of OS support.

One of the things that you might be concerned about if you are a newbie web admin is if iPage can run even if you are just using Windows for your laptop or desktop. The simple answer is YES. We will go into the details in this article.

title-decoDifferent types of web hosting

There are 4 major types of web hosting, most of which you will encounter when you are canvassing for the right hosting package for you.

icon1Shared web hosting, like iPage, means you are sharing a single computer or server across many other customers. This does not always mean unsatisfactory results, since most of these users are beginners or just host small websites in the server. In terms of price tag and practicality, shared web hosting is the winner.

icon2Dedicated web hosting means you are the only occupant in a dedicated computer or server. You manage all of its features and functions and you also shoulder 100% of the upkeep of the server. This makes it an expensive solution, costing nearly $200 per month. This also means you are the sole user of all of the server’s power.

icon3Cloud hosting is a new type of web hosting where your actual storage or account is supported by multiple servers. your storage is virtual, your processing power is also virtual. How much you consume and require dictates your monthly bills so this can be very expensive or cost efficient. This is also a very flexible solution.

icon4VPS or Virtual Private Server is a single server separated into independent compartments so that each virtual machine runs on its own. This is like cloud hosting in the sense that you can scale up or down your hosting requirements pretty quickly but this often requires a minimum “consumable” amount for it to be this flexible. Usually, VPS solutions starts at $50 upwards per month.

title-decoShared hosting – benefits and disadvantages

tool-iconWhen you are running on a shared server, this means that someone else does the maintenance for you. this also means that you do not have full access to the server but most of the time, you do not really need this.

When do operating systems matter? They matter when you need to go deep into the root of the system and then start making changes on the server itself. This may involve optimizing how it uses its resources, or adding applications or making changes in terms of access and permission. Whatever needs to be done in this level, needs to be done by experts and seasoned web admins.

thumbThis is definitely not a job for beginners.

title-decoWindows and iPage – can they work together?

win-iconIf you got an iPage hosting account, you can definitely access it even if you are using Windows. Why? Because even if iPage is a Linux-run server, you do not access the server directly. Your portal is vDeck, the dashboard for controlling your website. This is a web-based tool.

What does this mean? It means:

thumbYou can access vDeck from any computer, even smart phones, regardless of the operating system.

thumbYou don’t need to download a particular application to view your web stats or install your WordPress kit

thumbYou can access it any time at any place as long as you have Internet connection.

title-decoWhat if I am using Mac?

If you are using Mac, you can still access it, regardless of your browser used. vDeck is just like any other website so your operating system choice should not matter.