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Can I Transfer My Site to iPage?

title-decoSite Transfer

pc_backup-iconThe World Wide Web enables transfer of site from one web hosting provider to another depending on your choice. This is your right as an owner of your page and its contents. This also means that you can transfer your site to iPage. Not having to boast, iPage is one of the few web hosting providers that offers real great support.

thumbThis is the reason why a lot of builders would decide to transfer to it.

When choosing to move, you can either:

thumb Transfer your domain alone (this will involve transferring only the name of your website), or;

thumbTransfer your whole page including all the details located on its database. This includes even the smallest information that is used on your site.

title-decoDomain Transfer to iPage

os-iconDomain refers to the address of your site. This is the one used by visitors to locate your page and this is also basically what they type in on the address bar in order to navigate to your site. This serves as the name of your page as well.

thumbYour domain is much like your house’s physical address.

It is the address that is used to locate your page in the same manner that your house is also traced by your physical address.

wallet-iconDomains have to be purchased from domain registrars. These are the ones that handle all the domains in the web. Domains are mostly paid annually but at times, they can also be paid under different terms depending on the agreement that you had made.

thumbDomain transfer from other web hosting providers to iPage is possible and is offered for free.

title-decoDomains and iPage

free-iconIt is one of iPage’s perks that one free domain is given upon your commitment with them. This is offered without payment for one whole year. iPage also enables its subscribers to manage not just one, but unlimited domains.

thumbYou can set one of them to be your main domain while the others will serve as your sub domains.

tool-iconYour main domain will take the name of your site. If you would also transfer your domain from other web hosting providers into iPage, you will be able to enjoy a lot of iPage’s advance support and features.

title-decoTransferring Domains to iPage

flag-iconThere are steps to follow to ensure the safety of the domain transfer. This will make sure that it is done by real authorized users so as to avoid unwanted relocations. This will also protect you from fraudulent people wanting to steal your page and its contents.

Here are the steps that you should follow:

opened-lockUnlock your domain– after you first registered your domain, it will be automatically be locked to ensure its safety. If you would want to perform a domain transfer, you would first need to unlock it.

chipHave the transfer authorization code– this code is required for the transfer to complete. iPage has the Knowledgebase system which is an online table showing the ways in which you can get your transfer authorization code depending on your domain registrar. This is made possible through an email sent or through a display on your account.

laptopRegister with iPage– first register with iPage. If you are already done with it, login to your account.

windowVisit the DomainCentral– DomainCentral is the one used to handle your domains. Type in your domain name in the DomainCentral. Hit on “Add Existing Domain” then click on “Add” tab. Select the domain name that you typed in earlier.

refreshUse your Transfer Code– put in the transfer authorization code previously given and click on the “Transfer” button.

envelopeEmail Confirmation– check on your mails for the email confirmation that will verify if you are really the one making the transfer.

closed-lockLock your domain– the last step that you need to do is to secure your domain name by locking it again.