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Can I Transfer My Site Away from iPage?

title-decoTransferring Away from iPage

pc_backup-iconIt is generally possible to transfer your site from one web hosting provider to another. This is also applicable with iPage. Since you own your site, you will have the full authority to transfer your page away from your old provider and into another web hosting site.

flag-iconBefore doing this though, you may have to think it over first because iPage, in itself, is already a reliable and established web hosting provider. It might not be very wise to transfer your site if you are already hosted by iPage.

thumbYou might just lose the opportunity to make your site better known to the online community.

title-decoTransfer Types

There are two means of transferring your site. This is applicable in whatever web hosting provider you would be performing the actual transfer. Here are the two types of transfers involved from iPage to another web hosting provider:

windowThe first one is a transfer that would only entail moving your domain from iPage to your new chosen web hosting provider.

This is a much more convenient type of transfer as it would only involve simple online manipulations and navigations. This is the preferred type of transfer and the one that is mostly encouraged.

globe-2The second type is considered the complete transfer. This would entail moving your entire website including all the small details that are embedded in your database.

Being a complete form of relocation, this would need advance technical skills and might be complicated to perform especially for beginning developers. This is also quite difficult because certain data files are already matched well with iPage support. Moving them along with the transfer might pose some incompatibilities. These are the reasons why the first type of transfer is much more recommended over this second type.

title-decoThe Transfer of Domain

Transferring domains among different hosting providers would entail more or less similar steps. With iPage to another provider, here are the steps that will guide you:

opened-lockUnlocking of the Domain Name– this should be the very first step in order to be able to move your domain to another provider.

Your domain name is kept locked after it has been registered with iPage. This is for your site’s protection. If you would want to transfer your domain, you would first need to unlock it.

keyGet Hold of the Needed Transfer Authorization Code– referred to as EEPs or Transfer Keys, these codes are needed on any site transfer.

This will be used to confirm that an authorized transfer is being made.

refreshTransfer of your Domain to the New Provider– this is made possible by adding your target domain name to the domain registrar of your new web hosting provider.

There might be little differences as you do the actual steps depending on the provider that you are using. The common of which is that it will ask you to key in your previous domain and will also ask you of the authorization code. You will receive a confirmation mail on your email account. You will have to verify the legitimacy of the transfer through that email to complete the process.

closed-lockThe last step is to again lock your domain name in order to keep it safe from frauds roaming around the net.

title-decoOn Transferring your Entire Site

link-iconTransferring your entire site together with the minute details found in its database is an option that you can choose. It’s just that, it may really need advanced steps that would be hard to decode especially for beginning developers.

It is possible to use but it may be best that you hire experienced webmasters to do it for you if you would really want to employ this type of transfer for your site.