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Can I Cancel iPage Anytime?

iPage reviewiPage is a popular web host provider which run millions of websites. This is because iPage is considered by website owners to offer a good quality web host service at a reasonable price.

Website owners have minimal problems with installations and maintenance since some of the features use on one click.

thumbThis is also enhanced by the fact that having an iPage account is reasonably priced even with the higher speed data transfer and the use of a domain name for a lifetime.

Unfortunately not all web host providers are the same and therefore there may be unexpected reasons why you need to cancel or transfer your website. Some of the more common reasons are:

thumbLoss of interest in the website

thumbDecline in customers and therefore revenues and profits

thumbLack of budget to pay for the services

thumbCancellation of the business

thumbNot a complementary fit with the web host provider

thumbProblems with website setup and compatibility

title-decoTransferring or Cancelling a Website

iPage reviewsUnfortunately the website owner will eventually need a different requirement from their web host provider such as bigger business requirement. It means that website owners have the option of terminating their iPage account but not necessarily the website.

thumbBut there are some limitations in the termination of an iPage account which is found on the iPage User’s Agreement that was initially agreed upon by the website owner.

Therefore you will need to revisit the User Agreement page to check the information regarding the cancellation or renewal of the iPage services.

title-decoAllowable Reasons for Cancellations

Even though iPage allows cancellation of the web host services, there are some situations where it will be disallowed such as:

thumbIf the website owner cancels within 30 days from sign-up or registration of the domain name

thumbCancellations during the initial term will be allowed

thumbAfter the initial term of the iPage contract


fatcow reviewDuring the 30-day money back guarantee, a refund will be given back to the website owner excluding the domain registration fee and setup fee paid through credit cards. This is because the hosting fees can only be returned to the website owner.

thumbNo refunds will be given to the website owner who cancelled the services before the initial term is finished.

Furthermore the website owner will need to pay additional services that will be incurred until the account is effectively cancelled. The cancellation request is 30 days prior to actual cancellation date. Therefore it would be better to advice iPage to cancel the account 30 days before the planned account termination.

fatcow reviewsPrepaid fees or advanced payments will be refunded to the website owner if the request for cancellation is made 30 days before the cancellation date. This is only applicable to the contracted services after the initial term.

title-decoCancellation Policy

os-iconWeb hosting providers cannot compel a website owner to remain with their company since it is considered as not only unfair but illegal as well. The main consideration by most website owners is what happens to the money that was initially paid for the web hosting service.

wallet-iconUnder a no money-back guarantee using payments other than credit cards, the website user will not get their money back. The website owner has to pay iPage a minimum amount of $35 which will be considered as cancellation fees.

Website owners who opted to get the 30 day money-back guarantee will get their money back even if you have cancelled the iPage service. The catch is that the cancellation must be done within the 30 day period under the User Agreement at Section 2 (b) subparagraph i. The hosting fees can be refunded and requested from iPage’s support team.