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Can I Build a Good Site with iPage?

os-iconBusiness owners who plan to make own website will need to look for a good web host provider. The reason for this is that business owners need to make sure that the provider that they are investing in will give them additional advantages aside from the assumed basic package normally offered online.

thumbThis is seen in the offered packages by iPage.

title-decoBasic Package

The basic package normally includes unlimited disk space, email addresses and bandwidth. This is aside from the following:

thumbFree domain registration

thumbonline store development

thumbSite-building tools

thumbSearch engine and marketing credits

thumbSecurity suite

wind-iconAnother advantage of choosing iPage is that it is powered by green technology which is 100% from wind energy. This is favorable to website owners since they can proudly state that their business is environmentally conscious.

But the main advantage for most business owners is its reasonable price. The reason for this is that iPage frequently offers a price promotion which is seen to be at only $1.99 per month on the first three months while the normal price is only at $2.95 per month.

title-decoDesign Suite

ds-iconThe website owner does not need to have advanced website design knowledge to develop their website. This is because the additional feature in the basic package includes a design suite that is valued at $50. This includes the development of an online store, photo gallery, and blogs using a template-based web builder.

thumbThe iPage package includes a Secure FTP so that your information will not be lost while it is being transferred from your computer to the website.

The iPage package makes it easier for website owners to integrate the information in their computers with the web host provider since it uses an easy to use Google Webmaster tool integration feature.

title-decoFree Basic Security

Most web host providers will offer the security suite at an additional packaged price. But iPage offers the security suite valued at $100 free with the basic package. The package includes effective features such as:

thumbDaily malware scan

thumbDaily spam scan

thumbBusiness verification logo

thumbA display certificate for the website

thumbConstant network scanning by the provider

thumbA highly secure data center

shield-iconThese security features ensure that the website is free from malware that can harm the computers of its visitors and customers. The common problem of business owners is that it is considered quite difficult to remove malware as well as spam since you will need to purchase a different software for each type of computer attack.

thumbiPage gives the basic security package as a free feature included with the basic website package.

title-decoMarketing Suite

e-commerceWebsite owners who make their own websites need to initially and heavily promote it. This means that the website owner will need to look for advertising and marketing websites that target their specific customers. iPage also offers the marketing suite valued at $300 as part of the basic package offered.

thumbThe suite includes site analytic software which is used to track the movement of visitor aside from user statistics.

stat-iconThe use of the software will also enhance the effectiveness of the website in terms of which web page is more popular or less visited. These statistics help in the further development of the website so that visitors and customers will increase not only currently but also in the future.

addon-iconAdditional features of the suite includes a Yahoo/Bing credit, Google Adwords, a website authentication seal, Facebook credits and a free listing with the YellowPages.com website. The free listing with YellowPages.com is advantageous to new website owners since the owner only needs to purchase or make a new listing with another classified ads website.