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Any iPage Hosting Promotion/Discounts?

tag-iconEveryone is looking for discounts these days. There are web coupons, group buying sites and even special memberships that help you get the cheapest, most practical option for you.

os-iconWeb hosting accounts are not an exception. In order to save as much as you can, you need to be updated with the latest promotions and discounts. For those managing several accounts at a time, a dollar saved per month can translate to hundreds of dollars saved in a year.

thumbWith today’s stiff competition in eCommerce, you really need to be smart, quick and cunning enough to keep your business afloat.

title-decoPractical discounts from iPage – affordable hosting

ipage-logoIf you are dealing with iPage, the first type of discount that you can get from them is the actual shared web hosting package. Most other packages, even if they are ALREADY discounted, will require at least $5 from your pocket every month.

With iPage, you get to pay only $1.99 per month for the first three months of your contract with them. Then if you book them for 2 or three years, the succeeding months are just $2.95. Just remember that you should be able to prepay for the whole length of the contract upon signing with them.

thumbThe per month computation is just there to help guide you with your monthly estimates of your web site’s operational expenses.

title-decoInexpensive security suite

Another way to save money with iPage is through their security suite.

thumbSave $100 by getting their FREE security suite with every regular iPage web hosting account.

thumbIf you want advanced security features, just add less than $1 a month for a year for domain privacy so that not everyone can see your ICANN database details

shield-iconThe iPage security suites have spam assassins, daily scans for malware, displaying of the security seal so communicate to your users that you value their data and it also includes 24/7 monitoring and scanning of your stats to catch attacks to your site.

title-decoAutomated backups you can afford

Automated backups can be a luxury for some people but if you are getting an iPage account, it is a luxury that you can easily afford. Automated backups can help you:

thumbRetain the integrity of your data since it will do daily back ups of your site

thumbHave an updated copy of your data even with the small incremental updates every day

thumbNot forget about backing up since it does it for you

thumbForget about your server crashing or your machine conking out since you have daily backups, anyway.

title-decoOther discounts from iPage

iPage helps you save a lot for your website by giving you these freebies:

thumbMarketing credits from Google, worth $100

thumbYahoo or Bing search credits worth $25

thumbFacebook ad credits, $50

thumbFree to use design suites with web templates, worth $50

thumb24/7 support staff with a dedicated staff per account, worth $50

thumbDomain good for one year, worth $15

wallet-iconThen there’s the money back guarantee that you can choose to use (if ever they do not satisfy your expectations) – at any time. Most web hosts offer a 30 day or sometimes even 60-day money back guarantee but with iPage, it is anytime that you think you are not happy with them.