Dedicated IP Address – Why E-Commerce Users Need It
June 6th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Many aspects in our life have changed in a big way through the years. Significant examples for these changes include the technology and trades. Nowadays, we use our computers and internet for almost all our activities we do. We can use it for work and school, we can use it to socialize through different

kinds of social networks, we can gather information through various sites available in the web, and we can also post our feelings and comments through our blogs. However, it does not just focus on the

things that was already mentioned, it can also contribute to other things such as businesses and transactions. It is indeed flexible in more than one way.

Since there are a lot of things that happen in the web market, we cannot pass through it without encountering ecommerce and its contributions. Ecommerce is widely used especially to people who have important businesses that involves transactions. To further increase your knowledge about

it, useful information can be read below.

E-Commerce: What is it?

E-commerce stands for

electronic commerce

. It

refers to the transactions between a buyer and a seller through the use of the internet. The transactions involve any products or services that are being sold through the web market. Examples of these are online selling, transferring of electronic funds, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, and many other services that use the internet as a means to complete the transaction. It is very competitive in nature since it is easier to use and it does not require you to go to other places for these important transactions. As long as you have your internet connection at home, you can always get to participate in the ever famous e-commerce.

IP Address: Is it important?

IP address is a label that is assigned to any device that uses the internet to communicate. It is important since it serves as an identification and address for internet users. In computer language, it is composed of numbers and letters. While in the human language, you can just see several numbers. So if you want to know the location of the internet user, you would need to have an IP address.

Reasons why E-commerce needs a dedicated IP address

This is because you would want to have an SSL and a TSL on your website. SSL certificates secure browsers by checking the validity of your transaction. It makes sure that every transaction you make is authentic. If you have this, all your log-ins, transactions, and data collection will have 100% security. To get SSL certificates, one of the requirements is your IP address. You would not get your certificate without it. To ensure that the website is indeed secured, the URL should have https, not http only.

In addition, when you are in e-commerce, you do not actually face the seller or the buyer. You just communicate via the internet through chats or messaging. So in order to get the trust of the consumers, you must give them a reason to trust you and having a secured website is one of them.

E-commerce without a dedicated IP address

If you are asking whether there is a possibility to still have an e-commerce website even without a dedicated IP address, the answer to that is YES. It is possible to have one; however, you would not have the opportunity to secure your transactions with your customers.


So if you have an IPaddress and an SSL certificate, you need not worry about the safety of your data exchange and transactions. It will be encrypted in the databases which cannot be seen by other people. It is important to have it since security is one of the requirements of the consumers to their online transactions.