What are the basic facts of iPageWordPress?

iPageWordPress (wordpresshostinghelp.com) is a website whose purpose is to help users get to know WordPress better. It is registered under the Domain Name wordpresshostinghelp.com and whose registered address is PO BOX 639, 98083 Kirkland, WA, USA.

The website aims to help people discover and learn about WordPress better and help them with tips and users guide on how to maximize its use in their websites. It focuses on delivering the latest relevant information about WordPress, how to get it and how to install it, how to update it and especially, how to use it more effectively.

Topics and guides found and discussed in this website are sourced and compiled after consulting with content managers and editors, with recognized web experts and after interviews with those who are experienced in the use of WordPress as well as other CMS platforms. This is how the site is able to give readers helpful and practical tips in tinkering with your site as well as tips on installing themes and even recommendations on what to do to increase traffic to your pages.

What do I need to know about WordPress?

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WordPress is one of the free and open source tool and content management system (CMS) used by many web hosting providers today. It is based on PHP and MySQL and features a template system and plug-in architecture. It is so popular that 18.9% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress. It is also one of the most popular, if not the most popular blogging tool in use today, with about 60 million websites. It was founded by Matt Mullenwed and Mike Little and was first released on May 27, 2003. Since then, it has been downloaded it has been used by millions of users. Its version 3.7 is even recorded to have been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

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Basically, WordPress is an online publishing tool which helps you publish, edit and manage your texts, photos, videos and some other contents of your site. As a CMS, it makes online publishing a lot more easily as it reduces, it not eliminates the worries of how to publish and edit. It is so easy to use that some even compared to Microsoft Word, the difference being that it publishes online what you do instead of simply saving it in your drive. It is beyond doubt that WordPress is among the most preferred CMS choice today.

Does iPage support WordPress?

Yes, iPage supports WordPress, which means that iPage supports all the basic requirements needed for WordPress to run on iPage. In fact, experience has it that WordPress does run perfectly well on iPage. This is the very reason why a lot of iPage users prefer WordPress and uses it to publish and edit their contents, create their blogs and manage their sites.
It is also the reason why this site chooses the name iPageWordPress because it believes that the combination of hosting with iPage and the use of WordPress as one of the content management systems in their hosting package complements well with each other and is among the best package-feature combination in the business.

In what way can WordPress help me?

There are a lot of way in which WordPress can help you and your website. The most important of these is that it can help you publish any content quickly, eliminating the need to cascade your content through a developer. Gone is the need to paste your text, photo or video into an HTML file as all of these will be done by WordPress for you. Aside from this, WordPress helps you by:

  • You will enjoy the freedom and the ability of creating your own website with the help of its templates, themes and widgets.
  • Scheduling Posts which allows you to write and create all your posts at once and then have them scheduled for publishing later.
  • The built-in Rich Text Editor allows you to edit texts written elsewhere.
  • WordPress can create your image galleries for you. All you have to do is simply to upload the photos and let WordPress do the rest.
  • You can create links of your site to Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

How can I install WordPress in my account?

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Installing WordPress into your iPage account is very easy. Simply follow the succeeding steps:

  • First, you need to download the latest version of WordPress from their Official Website. You can download version 3.8 from wordpress.org/download.
  • Then, you need to upload the downloaded file into your host account. To do this, go to the admin panel of iPage and select a folder where you want to install WordPress.
  • One uploaded, unzip the WordPress file in the folder and then start installation by clicking Install. With the use of simple scripts, your installation should complete automatically.
  • You may need to create .php files in a separate page to activate WordPress.
  • Now you should have WordPress on your page and all you need to do is to log-in using your WordPress username and password and start editing and customizing your new page as much as you want.

How To Display Effective Content Search On Mobile Websites

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Each day, more and more people are surfing the web using their mobile phones. In fact, the whole USA has 96% mobile signal coverage and soon, that will all be mobile broadband access for all. Three years ago, not everyone has access to cheap data and smart phones but one quick glance at the subway today and you will see that more than 5 out of 7 people are on smart phones, using data.

What does this mean for businesses? This means that it is not enough that you have mobile presence – you must present your content so that every person on the go can easily find what they are looking for in less than 2 minutes. These people are walking down the street on their way to the next meeting, awaiting a cab, lining up for their morning latte or checking the news while on the elevator.

People are multi-tasking today so much that you need to give

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them just 60 seconds, tops, to show them what they are looking for. This is why you should optimize your mobile site or mobile app to make searching easier for your users.

What do people search for?

People search for so many things, such as:

  • Restaurant menus and reservation hotlines
  • Plane tickets
  • Movie schedules
  • Latest news snippets
  • Bank account details
  • Last minute gift items
  • Current traffic situation
  • Latest stock exchange data

And so much more. And they usually search for those while doing something else, too. With such a huge variety of searchable items, how do you make sure that you are giving them the right thing?

When it comes to the world of mobile, making assumptions regarding your user’s behavior pays off since they don’t have time to fine tune the settings to get to what they need right now.

Why make search easy?

If a person cannot find what they are looking for in your site, whether it is the delivery hotline for your meals or the pricelist for your gadgets, they will try to find it somewhere else. That is already lost revenue on your end. If you were able to give them what they want, not only will they continue with the purchase or the transaction, they will also return in the future since you gave them a positive experience.

Quick changes to make searching easier

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Here are some very concrete tips on how you can make searching easier on your mobile site:

  • Make a dropdown list or tabs of the most frequently visited sections of your site. Check your Google Analytics data and include the most frequented sites to the short list. Just like in the image above, The New York Times has a dropdown box for the most popular sections of the newspaper.
  • Include a search bar at the top right section of your site (where it is commonly found).
  • Make your headings stand out – change their color, font size or make them bold. For easier category searching
  • Include cookie crumbs near the top of the screen so that the user knows where he is navigating from
  • Effectively use keywords to tag the RIGHT type of content for easy searching
  • Make your images optimized for web display so that search results with images are quickly loaded onto the page
  • Include a Recommended list at the bottom of each item found or article displayed so that related items, whether by topic, author or by product type, are also shown to the user. This makes them feel that the system “knows” them

Good examples of effective mobile site searching

Creating a searchable mobile website does not just mean shrinking your desktop site into the mobile screen. If you check out the sample screenshot below, you can see that some key elements are changed to make the viewing on mobile easier.

Instead of a long navigational bar, a “settings” or “more” image is placed at the upper right corner of the screen. This makes it easier for searching through a very long list of navigational menu, instead of scrolling horizontally through the page.

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You can also do the Amazon style of search where they have a “Shop by Department” button at the upper left corner of the screen. This predefined category list helps you organize your shopping without having to manually key in keywords (which can be difficult using a virtual keyboard of your smartphone).

Facebook does a good job of letting you search through friends and pages with just one single text bar and then displays first hits immediately so that in case the person you are finding is in the first set of hits, your search is done in less than 5 seconds.

Think about how you can make the lives of your users easier and you can design a search function for your site, which will help them get things done in just seconds.


How Effective are Email Newsletters in Driving Online Traffic?

How many times do you check your email everday? At least once, right? Apart from your work email, you have this personal email address that you use for signing up to newsletters, social networking sites and where you receive your online billing notices. So in that once a day checking of email, which emails do you actually read and which ones land directly to your trash bin?

Email marketing today is again on the rise – more and more eCommerce companies realize that email newsletters are actually very effective tools in marketing a product or service. Just check out your email inbox right now and see how many of them are email newsletters advertising the latest deals or promotions, inviting you to make use of your free trial subscription etc.

How do you make sure that you maximize the potential of email newsletters without being nominated as a spam item? Here’s how.

What do we mean by “driving traffic”?

Driving traffic from an email newsletter into your website simply means bringing those clicks to your live online site. Either through attractive images or intuitive buttons, your email readers can be online viewers in just one swift action.

Apart from bringing one user to your site (one at a time), you can also make them help you encourage others to view you (sort of like a viral effect). By including social networking icons (like the ones below), you can encourage your email readers to share, tweet, like, suggest or recommend certain posts and products so that their friends will see it, too. This way, you create a marketing ripple effect which will then bring in more and more traffic into your actual site.
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Add links to images and buttons

Working on your actual email content, let’s talk about how you can make the newsletter attractive enough so that people will click on it. Check out the example below. What do you see?
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  • Attractive images that make you want to learn more about the product, which you just want to click.
  • A snippet of the description, which you want to finish reading but then you have to click the “more” button.
  • A secondary and yet more visible View It button to view the whole promotion or deal

For each product entry, you have three chances to click on it to view it online. All without sounding too persuasive or pushy. So what do you need to do to make your email newsletter just as effective?

  • Include a link to a dedicated product page so that your viewer can see all the related details.
  • If possible, allow a person to view the online version without having to login so that it is a seamless experience. Hold off the logging in, if necessary, when he is buying the product already (delayed onboarding).
  • Invite users to view the whole photo or a larger version of it by going to your main site.
  • Tease users to view other similar deals by going to your main site.
  • Don’t place the whole story in your email newsletter or else, there is no need to view other details on your site.
  • Invite them to view a video or other types of media not typically handled via email.
  • When you need to place a download link, make them go to your website first to make them count as one online visitor today.

Don’t include links to other sites. You can place links to other reference articles in your website, but not in your email newsletter.

How often should you send out newsletters?

Mad Mimi suggests that you send out newsletters daily but this hugely depends on what type of product you have. Some blogs don’t have enough content to be pushed out daily and at the risk of spamming your readers, it might be fine to just publish newsletters two to three times a week, instead.

Another just as important tip when writing newsletters is to make them personal and for it to show a bit of personality. You can do this by:

  • Choosing quirky images that help drive more interest to your product (may not be 100% related)
  • Write in a conversational way – nothing too formal!
  • Create a mini-series within your posts like “photo of the week”, “tip of the day”, “featured user of the month” or anything that the readers will learn to expect (and anticipate) from you.

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Remember that the main goal of a newsletter is to invite people to click on to your content and eventually lead them to a sale. But this does not mean that you will bombard them with “buy me!” buttons. Most of the time, a recurring sale happens when the customer feels a connection with the brand and email newsletters are excellent tools to help you build that connection on a daily basis.


Points to Consider in Launching a Brand New Site

Rebuilding a website can take a lot of planning. It should. Without sufficient research supporting your new website plan, the entire project can lead to disorganization, bloated expense, and, worse, a website that is worse than before. So before even starting on a rebuild, here are some guidelines to consider.

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Establish your goals

Having a realistic goal for the website is an element of any web development project. Whether you are building a website or redesigning one, this must be the backbone of your project. It starts with knowing who your target audience is and what kind of service you would want to offer them. Here are the important elements that you need to include in your goal:

  • A purpose for the entire site and each page

Your entire website has to have a purpose; otherwise it does not need to be posted online. Try to think of why each page should exist. What can it offer your visitors? Think of problems that your audience might have and supply the answers on the pages.

  • Connect the page to your business goals

If you are using your website for business, you have to establish how each page impacts your business success. Examples are:

  • increase in gross sales
  • generate leads

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Establish the shortcomings of the current website

Why fix it if it isn’t broken, right? So, if the website requires a redesign, then something must be wrong with it. Or, if not wrong, then something needs to be improved. By doing an internal research, you will discover why the current website is not performing at 100%. Here are some ways that you can do an internal research:

  • Talk to your sales personnel and inquire about which parts of the site they find most helpful. Ask for input on how the website can be improved.
  • If your personnel doesn’t refer much to your website, ask them why. Note that the website should always be mentioned in every interaction with a customer.

Find out which pages should be retained

In most redesigns, unless the website is really problematic, some of the pages may not need to be changed at all. Find out which pages are your:

  • highest converting
  • most visited
  • lowest bounce percentage

Changing these pages may not be ideal. If possible, prevent making any modifications, particularly adding clicks to reach them.

Identify where you are getting referral traffic

There are a lot of tools that enable you to generate a report for your back links. Find out which is your top referral. Protect these inbound assets.
Check out competitor sites to get inspirations

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Your competitors are great sources of insights as to what you can add or remove from your current site. Try browsing their websites and evaluate what makes theirs easier or more difficult to navigate. Establish why their visitors feel compelled to buy from them instead of from your store. Remember that you are doing this for research and not to replicate their website. Here are some key areas that you can check our:

1. Identify what page elements work

  • What are the elements that are highlighted on their home page?
  • What kind of graphics, interaction, and text were used?
  • Are they providing answers or solutions to their audience? How?
  • What kind of interactive tools do they use?

2. Identify what pay-per-click practices your competitors are using

  • Are they paying more or less than the amount that you are willing to spend on PPC?
  • Are their PPC practices working for them?

3. Identify the voice that the other companies are using

  • Are they using a snarky, welcoming or technical voice?
  • Is this voice appealing to your target audience?

Make sure that the entire redesign team is on board

Summarize the research points that you made and present this to your team. If possible, make copies that you can use as reference as you go about the website rebuilding process. Having these copies on hand can help your team stay on target. Additionally, it can prevent instances of scope creep.


Top tips in Promoting your WordPress Blog

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Blogs are highly effective when you want to share information. However, no matter how great the contents of your blog are, nobody would benefit from it if people don’t know that your blog exists. So, after setting up your blog in WordPress, it is time for you to promote it to the world.

Is promotion important when it comes to blogging?

It doesn’t really matter if you blog for business or personal purposes, as long as you have a blog; it means that you wish for the contents to be read. And the more readers you have, the better, right? It is not enough to let your blog’s existence spread by word-of-mouth. Sometimes, it is necessary for you to “toot your own horn” so to speak. Probably the best way to promote your blog is to make sure that it comes out on the first page of search results. This means, if a person keys in a related keyword or search phrase into a search engine, your blog is in at least the top ten sites that the search engine will list do. How do you ensure this? You need to catch the attention of the search engine.

There are four areas that you need to target with your SEO efforts

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There are many ways by which you can make the different search engines recognize your blog and website. However, in order to ensure the success of your efforts with as little resources used as possible, you can opt to focus on the following areas first:

  • Hosting – One of the more important proofs that your website’s contents are of good quality is the number of backlinks it has from other websites and blogs. This signals the viewers that other people, reputable ones to boot, trust and rely on what you are posting online. In order for these backlinks to matter, it needs to link to your primary domain. Therefore, it is advisable for you to have your blog hosted on the server under your domain. This is the reason why many knowledgeable bloggers host their blogs in WordPress. This platform generates semantic codes that have web-standard adhering markup. Semantic markup is crucial for good search engine optimization. On top of this benefit, WordPress is extremely user-friendly, with plug-ins and design themes that would make your life so convenient.
  • Keywords – Another crucial factor in ensuring your website and blog’s popularity is the quality of keywords that you use. You need to use those that are of high value. This should be your primary objective even before you start making the contents that you will post on your blog. You need to predict what search words people would use when they search for something that you believe your posts would address. Luckily, there are many tools that you can use in order to find the right keywords. Many of these tools can be used free of charge. Two highly popular examples are Google’s keyword tool and Keyword Discovery. Google’s offering is probably the better option of the two. All you need to do is to look at the stats of the keywords that you think you need to use. Analyze the stats to see how popular the keywords are to assess which ones you can use and which ones you can discard.
  • On-Page SEO – On-page SEO tells the search engines what specific subjects you are featuring on each post or page. After assessing the effective, high-value keywords to use on a post, it is also beneficial to use them in the URL’s file name and directory, the title of the post, the headings, the body of the post, and the text that serves as your hyperlink anchor. This is another reason why WordPress serves as the best host for your blog. Instead of forcing you to show a query search-based looking URL, you can use Permalinks. This enables you to make natural language uniform resource locator or URL. Additionally, WordPress allows for tweaking of Permalink URL, enabling you to eliminate words that have no impact on your SEO and including those that do have an effect.
  • Off-Page SEO – In order to ensure your website’s competitiveness when it comes to searches, it is also important to have quality backlinks. This is known as off-page SEO and should require a lot of attention if you want to promote your blog and website to the fullest. Quality backlinks mean links coming from different sources that are not link farms. It must come from legitimate websites that have quality content of their own. Think other same-field blogs that quote your contents or link to you for further reading. Additionally, the link popularity growth of your site should be gradual. A sudden popularity spike can alert the search engines about some unscrupulous dealings with junk links. The growth must appear unforced and organic.

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