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WordPress is such a powerful tool, even if it is also a simple tool. We are here to help you discover more about WordPress so that you can maximize its use in your site. Whether it is for your fashion blog, an online shopping site or even a corporate site, WordPress makes it so easy for you to publish your updates and material.

We help you by providing you with relevant information on what’s the latest with WordPress, how you can install, update and make better your site and what’s the latest with iPage, too.

The combination of iPage and WordPress guarantees you an affordable web site solution that you can easily maintain.

Behind the Scenes at

What happens in our work room is that we constantly look for helpful tips that we ourselves, found very useful. We like giving you short and yet very practical tips on how to tinker with your site, how to install themes, how to drive more traffic to your pages, etc.

We do this by consulting with web experts, content managers and editors, as well as doing some old school trial and error research so that we can give you valuable information, in just minutes.

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There’s no right or wrong opinion! Let us know what you think and you can be rest assured that all forms of communication sent to us will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Email us through [email protected] or call us through our phone.